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You can book only independent call girls by joining us because the business of Mulanthuruthy escorts is not very much after us, we work only with some 8 to 10 girls.

In Mulanthuruthy City, we along with some of our special friends provide call girls service during night time, sometimes when we have more time then we work both day and night. With more and more people, we come in contact with each other during the night.

Every is completely independent call girls we are not very big group we are working with college and some sexy young ladies joining with each other. Let me make you well aware of the information of my small group.

Our small group is of 8 to 10 people.

The first group was started with our college girls, when we went out of Mulanthuruthy city to do our studies, at that time we liked to have fun very much but we did not have enough money that we could spend more money than we expected During that time we met an escort girl who lived near our college and had sex with people and used to earn a lot of money. Seeing his income, we also started liking meeting with people, we became one to two and gradually from two to 8 to 10.

We could not do this work by staying in college for long, but because of that habit, we used to forget about money. After a while, we started doing this work and building relationships with people even after staying in Mulanthuruthy.

If you want to join our small group then you can call on our number. You will love our tributes. Ever since we have returned to our city, our notice style has become much more naughty than before.

We have become more sexy and beautiful than before because we spend more and more money on our body. To maintain health, we consume morning walk and healthy food, so that our body remains beautiful and sexy for a long time.

College Call Girls In Mulanthuruthy : If you want to take college call girls service then there are 6 college sexy girls present in our group which you will like very much you will be attracted after seeing their sexy style.

1 Escorts service is also available which we provide for party and dinner, you can use this service for going to party and for night dinner date. No matter how big your sex appetite you can satisfy your sex soul with it is considered one of our best call girl to satisfy your hunger.

Young Housewife Escort Service: When we came back to our city after studying, our happy friend got married but due to not getting satisfied sex from her husband, she started repeating the same work again. She used to do this while studying.

If you want to show interest in young women, then you must join our sexy friend.

We run Mulanthuruthy Escorts independently, we know how to finish every task very well, do you want to see your conscience satisfied, if yes then do not forget to make us your partner.

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